Y’all, let’s unleash an army of goodness in this town. We’re talking about droves of people doing awesome things – identifying real needs, participating in real solutions, engaging in actual work, creating real change, and transforming ourselves and our own experiences of life in the process.

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On September 7th, we heard from Dale Dove who has been working for years to bring real affordable housing solutions to Rock Hill. He talked to us about how we as a city have regulated ourselves into a situation where the majority of working-class people are literally unable to participate in homeownership due to square footage requirements, flat fees for all new structures, and banking practices. We need to advocate! City Council may have the best of intentions, but they are of the decision-making-class. We need to broaden their idea of who is important to the economic vitality of this community until it includes all working citizens of Rock Hill: most significantly those working very hard at minimum wage in the service industry. We can create change here.

Rachel Hubbard and Brittany Kelly talked to us about the Early Learning Partnership, dedicated to increasing literacy among young people. We’ve learned that 57% of our children are reading below grade level by third grade, but did you know that a new law will hold every single one of those children back until they perform on grade level? As a community, we have work to do. The ELP has volunteers in classrooms, doctors offices, community centers, and even at the bedside in our maternity ward, connecting parents with the tools their child will need to be successful in life. Literacy is directly tied to upward mobility, health, financial success, and even emotional development. These are the children that will grow our community and determine its trajectory. Let’s get into schools and spend a little bit of time making a huge impact on this need.

If you’re interested in volunteering with RHR and ELP, email Rachel Hubbard, Program Coordinator, at huihubbardr@winthrop.edu. And, check back for updates on opportunities to volunteer with other RHR folks.

You want change in this town? Make it.