It’s hard to believe District 5’s special Congressional election is two weeks away! On June 20th we will head to the polls to elect our new Congressman. If you live in District 48, you will also be voting for Ralph Norman’s replacement in House Seat 48. It’s more important than ever to get involved in helping us flip this district. If you’ve been waiting for a time to get involved, now is that time!

Want to get involved? Work directly with a campaign!

Archie Parnell for Congress

Bebs Barron Chorak for SC House 48

Canvassing and Phone Banking:

Canvassing efforts are in full swing for special election campaigns and it’s ridiculously effective in turning out voters! Voters are 50% more likely to vote for your candidate if some friendly human knocks on their door with a well-rehearsed spiel. But, if you just can’t bring your wallflower-self to do it, consider being a driver! It helps canvassers move even more quickly through neighborhoods. Ralph Norman won his election by 203 votes. That’s the impact of one canvasser! So, help a candidate out. Use the info below to get involved.

There are also phone banking opportunities. You can even phone bank from the comfort of your own home! Reach out to Alex and Tim for more information.

Driving Voters to the Polls:

Interested in helping voters get to the polls on election day, June 20th? How about getting them there to vote in-person absentee beforehand? Use this link to sign up and we will help connect you to voters in need! Click here to sign up!

Let’s get involved and help Flip the 5th!