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Now, more than ever, people in South Carolina are noticing how politics can literally build the world around you – rising healthcare costs, crumbling roads, stagnant wages, and an education system that ranks dead-last nationally. The decisions made by those in charge are all around us. Adding to that is the constant hum of an over-the-top news and social media cycle keeping the country just a tad distracted. It all feels just out of reach, just beyond our sphere of individual influence.

You ask yourself, “how can anything I do make a difference when the president is tweeting videos of himself body slamming CNN and my health care is being decided by a group of older, white men who meet in secret? I’m just a tiny fish in a raging sea of chaos right now.”

I feel you. But, here’s the thing. When you change your focus, you become a very big fish in a much smaller pond. You know how they say change starts at home? It does. And, it can. Because that is where you have the most influence.

Nationally, who is working for healthcare and voting rights and environmental justice? Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, Greenpeace. Implicit bias in law enforcement? Black Lives Matter. Now think about who is working for these things in York County? In Rock Hill? In your neighborhood?

We just had a congressional election where the Republican candidate won by 3.2 points in a district that went to Trump by 18.5 points. In the next year, we will vote for mayor, city council, county council, and state house. This is our pond and we believe that groups like ours can make very BIG fish. Tell us what you think, and join us tonight to start the conversation about acting locally.